NimbleGen Arrays

NimbleGen arrays are available for purchase from catalog or by custom design.

Catalog Arrays

  • Gene Expression
    Roche NimbleGen provides a unique combination of high-density arrays, long-oligo probes, and flexible design capability that together provide superior results for advanced gene expression analysis. NimbleGen’s technology enables accurate, sensitive, and specific interrogation of genome-wide expression for any sequenced and annotated genome. Researchers also can tile through a genome at any desired spacing to discover genome-wide expression activity in both coding and non-coding regions and map transcripts with unparalleled accuracy.
    • Eukaryote: Arabidopsis thaliana, Caenorhabditis elegans, Danio rerio, Drosophila melanogaster, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    • Prokaryote: Archae arrays and Bacteria arrays available (check listings on website

  • CGH
    Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) measures DNA copy number differences between a reference genome and your sample genome. NimbleGen offers two high-definition aCGH products: whole-genome aCGH and fine-tiling aCGH. Whole-genome aCGH measures copy number differences in DNA across entire genomes, while fine-tiling aCGH determines breakpoints at ultrahigh resolution in DNA targets located in any subset of DNA (either a contiguous region or many different regions of interest).

    Key features of NimbleGen’s microarrays - ultra-high density and long oligo probes - yield a high-definition aCGH platform for whole genome analysis. With the flexibility of NimbleGen array synthesis, chromosomal aberrations identified in whole-genome surveys can be readily examined at even higher resolution with custom fine-tiling aCGH. Such studies can map genomic changes down to the gene and even exon level and enable breakpoint mapping to less than 500bp intervals. NimbleGen’s aCGH detects both single and multiple copy changes.
  • DNA Methylation
    These arrays allow you to determine promoter and genic DNA methylation within the genome as well as compare differential methylation between cells, tissues, and tumor samples.
    • Promoter Tiling Array, Whole Genome Tiling Array and Targeted Tiling Array lists currently available, check listings on website.

  • ChIP
    These arrays enable you to rapidly identify the precise binding sites of specific DNA-binding proteins—such as transcription factors, histones, and polymerases—within a target genome, as well as allow you to look at chromatin remodeling in any region of a genome.
    • Promoter Tiling Array (385K and HD2), Whole Genome Tiling Array (385K and HD2) and Targeted Tiling Array (385K) lists currently available, check listings on website.      


Custom Design

NimbleGen can produce a custom chip for your research with a five (5) chip minimum number purchased.  Costs may include a design fee of $1,000 for selecting the probes from your supplied FASTA format list and layout of the array.   The probe selection is designed to work using a 42°C hybridization temperature.  If you supply your own probes the cost for layout is $500 for a 385K array and $550 for a 4-plex custom array.  There is a 5% educational discount on direct orders.